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Representing Individuals | Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Filings

If you face a seemingly insurmountable amount of debt, with your personal finances, a bankruptcy filing can put an immediate end to the nonstop calls and letters, giving you the opportunity to either liquidate your assets and discharge debts or work out new payment arrangements with your creditors. The bankruptcy process, though, can be confusing and intimidating. Without sound legal counsel, you can end up paying far more than you need to. The Murray Law Group can help.

Our bankruptcy attorneys bring experience to every case we handle. We understand the intricacies of the federal bankruptcy laws and know-how to help you get a fresh start without unnecessary loss of business or personal assets in New Jersey. We’ll take the time to get to know you, as well as your situation so that we can help you make decisions that are in your best interests. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, carefully reviewing the law and your situation to provide you with the best options.

Our Bankruptcy Practice

We focus our bankruptcy practice on Chapter 7 liquidation proceedings and Chapter 13 personal debtor reorganizations.

When you come to us for bankruptcy counsel, Our bankruptcy lawyers carefully examine your financial situation, determining first whether you qualify to seek to permanently discharge debts through a Chapter 7 filing. If you meet the requirements of the bankruptcy law’s “means test,” we’ll explain what debts can and cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, as well as what assets may be exempted from a bankruptcy sale. We help individuals complete the process for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition.

If, however, you don’t qualify to file for Chapter 7, or you would rather try to pay your creditors off over a three-to-five-year period, we can guide you through the Chapter 13 reorganization process, an option open only to individual debtors (and not companies of any kind.) We will work directly with you to put together a plan of reorganization that will be acceptable to your creditors. Our bankruptcy attorneys will handle all filings, and will be your voice in all hearings or meetings called by the Bankruptcy court.

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